Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Designing Server Infrastructures: An Introduction

Welcome to the introduction to an ongoing discussion on server infrastructure designs for large enterprises and the organization of software and hardware compute resources. Commentary will focus on the cost and customer responsiveness of the infrastructures to host enterprise applications.

Customer responsiveness - speed and cost effectiveness when responding to changing requirements (often in the form of new applications or added functionality to an existing applications)

Cost - indirectly measured by two leading indicators: the size of the asset base (number of servers), and effort associated with assets' life cycles (effort to deploy, test, configure, maintain, monitor, support and decommission)

Please join and participate in the ensuing conversation, all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Existing design discussions:

  1. Standard Enterprise Stack
  2. Server Sprawl
  3. Virtual Consolidation
  4. Decoupling Applications and Servers

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